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Project News

A presentation on the St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith project is available here.

January - February 2016

Appointment of General Manager/Director of Nursing:

Mr Graham Clarke was appointed the GM/DON at St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital, Griffith and commenced in the role on Monday, 1 February 2016.  Graham has extensive experience in executive management roles in the private and public sectors and in rural and metropolitan areas. Please see media release link:

Media Release DOC [68 KB]

Hospital and Student Accommodation Construction:

Great progress is being made on the new facility and the target completion date remains mid 2016.

The tender process for the construction of the Student Accommodation in Kooringal Ave is complete. The tender was awarded to Hammond & Dale Pty Ltd and is due to commence in February 2016 and due for completion in September 2016.

Stage 2 Licencing Activities:

Stage 2 activities have commenced to finalise the operating licence with the Private Health Care Unit and the NSW Ministry of Health.

Commissioning Planning:

A commissioning plan has been developed to identify key roles, responsibilities and requirements in order to finalise the construction, operational planning and occupation activities. Commissioning is anticipated to commence late June/early July 2016 in order to ensure activities such as building certification, handover, fit-out, safety testing, implementation of operational policies, staff induction and training and private hospital licencing are complete and appropriate.

September – December 2015


The construction program is progressing well and the anticipated completion date is mid 2016.

Private Hospital Licencing:

"Approval in Principle" and "Plan Approval" advice was received by the Private Health Care Unit at the NSW Ministry of Health and sees the first stage of licencing complete. Stage 2 licencing activities have commenced and will be completed as part of the completion of construction and commissioning of the new facility.

Operational Planning Activities:

Operational planning activities continued to gain momentum

  • Some major medical equipment purchases were commenced
  • Workforce planning continued
  • Recruitment for the General Manager/Director of Nursing commenced
  • Key working party activities to support planning for:
    • Clinical Emergency Response for patients at SVPCHG
    • Transition of Sterilising Services Department Services
    • The operational model for the MCT&LC
  • Development of the Operating Suite and Consulting Suite schedules are progressing well to ensure maximum use of the available time to provide improved specialist service access

Collaboration activities:

St Vincent’s and the Murrumbidgee Local Health District continue to work together to maximise opportunities to enhance access to health services for the local community of Griffith and its immediate surrounding area

Friends of St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital, Griffith:

The Friends of St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital, Griffith (‘The Friends’) was launched in Griffith on Thursday 19 November 2015 in the beautiful Belle Amour garden at the home of our wonderful local hosts, Mr Bruno and Mrs Joy Plos. St Vincent’s is greatly appreciative of the funds raised through the generosity of the gifts from generous individuals, community groups and businesses in Griffith and the Friends has been created in order to honour members of the community who have already contributed, and to provide a way in which others can become involved in the life of the Hospital and support St Vincent’s into the future. At the event special acknowledgement was made to the Griffith community, Griffith City Council, The Casella & Spagnolo Families and the late Mrs Lavelle Wallace for their generous support. Please see details about ‘The Friends’ using this link:

Brochure PDF [233 KB]

March - August 2015


Following an Expression of Interest and Select Tender process, Joss Construction has been awarded the contract to build SVPCHG on 26 March 2015. A tender review committee led by TSA management provided a recommendation to SVHA and Griffith City Council. Building commenced in early June. The target completion date is mid 2016.

Private Hospital Licencing:

The preliminary private hospital licencing approval application process was initiated with the Private Health Care Unit at the NSW Ministry of Health at the end of April 2015. St Vincent's is currently awaiting formal advice of "Approval in Principle" and "Plan Approval" which will see the first stage of licencing complete.

Reconnecting with Medical Staff:

In mid April representatives for SVPCHG reconnected with local medical staff at a dinner meeting in Griffith to discuss medical staff opportunities and arrangements for appointment to SVPCHG as well as after hours patient management.

In May, St Vincent’s was invited to meet with the Riverina Medical Specialist Recruitment and Retention Committee in Wagga to provide:

  • An overview of the St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital Griffith (SVPCHG) and Murrumbidgee Clinical Teaching and Learning Centre (MCT&LC) project
  • Discussions about recruitment and retention of specialist medical staff to Griffith and other workforce planning activities
  • The proposed model for the MCT&LC

In mid June St Vincent’s also met with medical staff in Wagga to update them on the project and to discuss opportunities for specialist medical staff in Griffith. Subsequent to that meeting, one on one meetings have been initiated with those specialist medical staff interested in providing services for patients at SVPCHG.

Two information sessions were held in July and August at St Vincent’s Darlinghurst to update specialist medical staff on about the progress of the SVPCHG project.

Collaboration activities:

  • St Vincent’s continues to work closely with the Murrumbidgee Local Health District to progress opportunities to collaborate
  • St Vincent’s has reconnected with the Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network (formerly known as the Murrumbidgee Medicare Local)
  • Education partner meetings have been held with the University of Wollongong, University of New South Wales and University of Notre Dame Australia
  • St Vincent's has initiated discussions with NSW Ambulance regarding the service requirements at SVPCHG in relation to responding to clinical emergencies and transferring of critical patients via service to GBH emergency department  

Key Working Parties:

Several targeted working parties have been established to identify service requirements, workforce needs and transition activities associated with:

  • Clinical Emergency Response for patients at SVPCHG
  • Sterilising Services Department Instrument Tracking
  • The operational model for the MCT&LC

Each working party has agreed terms of reference, working party membership of key stakeholder groups and each has held meetings to discuss key issues and actions required.

Workforce Planning:

Workforce planning has identified the key roles required to support SVPCHG and initial recruitment activities have commenced. Additionally, a review of the proposed staffing profile is underway to ensure that each component of the service at SVPCHG has a model for staffing in place to maximise an appropriately skilled workforce.

March 2015

  • On 1 March 2015, The Blessing and Ground Breaking Ceremony was held at the St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital Griffith site. This event was a wonderful celebration for the local community. Griffith City Council and St Vincent’s Health Australia hosted over 200 guests. 
  • Bishop Gerard Hanna (Wagga Diocese) presided over the celebration.
  • Several key Congregational, Trustee of Mary Aikenhead Ministries and SVHA representatives were in attendance and included: 
  • Sr Care Nolan rsc
  • Dr Tessa Ho 
  • Mr Paul Robertson AM
  • Mr Toby Hall
  • Mr Robert Cusack
  • Sr Anthea Groves rsc OAM
  • Sr Jacinta Fong rsc
  • Other key attendees included:
  • Federal Health Minister, Ms Sussan Ley
  • Member for Riverina, the Hon. Michael McCormack
  • NSW Minister for Health, Ms Jillian Skinner
  • Member for Murrumbidgee and NSW Minister for Education, Mr Adrian Piccoli
  • Mayor, Griffith City Council, Mr John Dal Broi
  • Chair, Murrumbidgee Local Health District, Ms Gayle Murphy
  • Chief Executive, Murrumbidgee Local Health District, Ms Jill Ludford
  • Associate Dean, University of Wollongong, Professor Alison Jones
  • Aunty Gloria Goolagong 

December 2014

  • On 4 December 2014, the St Vincent's Health Australia (SVHA) approved signing of the Agreement for Lease which allows tenders for construction of the hospital to proceed
  • On 5 December 2014, Robert Cusack travelled to Griffith to meet with Griffith City Council Mayor, Mr John Dal Broi for the formal exchange of the Agreement for Lease - please see attached Media Statement
  • St Vincent's launched the St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith website ( primarily aimed at updating the local community of progress so far, keeping them updated on the project from now and also facilitating other background information relating to SVHA
  • Revised milestones (indicative only):
Milestone Activity Target Completion Date
SV&MHS delegation to Griffith to launch the Project February 2013
Consultation/facility planning process January-December 2014
Final hospital design December 2014
Agreement for Lease executed December 2014
Construction Tender – release December 2014
Construction Tender – close January 2015
Successful Tender - announcement February 2015
Sod turning and commencement of construction February 2015
Construction commencement February 2015
Construction completion June 2016
Hospital Commissioning process July 2016
Hospital Operational July 2016
Official Opening and Missioning of key staff July/August 2016

September-November 2014

  • During this period room layout, room data sheets, and FFE lists (furniture, fitting and equipment) were refined
  • Interior design and landscaping concepts were also prepared. These concepts were briefed to ensure that consideration was given to the local environment in Griffith and reflected some aspects of local community life
  • Additionally, important components of this briefing ensured that links to St Vincent's Darlinghurst were evident not only the approach to healthcare but also to ensure that the story of Mary Aikenhead and the long and successful heritage of the Sisters of Charity will be inculcated into the ‘feel' of the new facility
  • Ongoing shared services negotiations continued throughout this phase
  • In mid September a draft Term Sheet was provided to St Vincent's for consideration, which outlined opportunities for St Vincent's and Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) to work effectively and collaboratively for the benefit of the local community by improving access to health care services.
  • On 19 November 2014, Robert Cusack and Bernadette Keenan travelled to Wagga and met with key MLHD personnel in order to further clarify opportunities
  • A key outcome for St Vincent's is to ensure that patients can access health care closer to home whenever possible with the long term objective being to provide more complex surgeries not currently available in Griffith once St Vincent's is more established

July-August 2014

  • The project team progressed well with the detailed design for SVPCHG
  • Activities focussed on determining room layouts, inventory requirements and key inclusions for the
    • Inpatient Unit
    • Day Procedure Centre
    • Operating Suite
    • Sterilising Services
    • Food and Support Services
    • Consulting Suites and
    • Murrumbidgee Clinical Teaching and Learning Centre
  • St Vincent's also met with the Private Heath Care Unit (at the NSW Ministry of Health) to update them about the SVPCHG project and also to clarify the licensing requirements for SVPCHG

June 2014

  • Mr Paul Robertson, Chairman of the St Vincent's Health Australia (SVHA) Board, Mr Toby Hall, the Chief Executive Officer, SVHA and Mr Robert Cusack visited Griffith on 26 June 2014.   Messrs Robertson, Hall and Cusack met with Griffith City Council and local business representatives about the project and they also took the opportunity to meet with key representatives from the NSW Ministry of Health (MoH), Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) and Griffith Base Hospital (GBH), including Dr Mary Foley, Director General, Ms Jill Ludford Acting Chief Executive, MLHD and Ms Liz Harford Acting GM at GBH to continue discussion about shared services opportunities.

May 2014

  • Workforce Planning and proposed Models of Care were progressed

April 2014

  • Key personnel working on the SVPCHG project visited Griffith
  • Meetings were held with Griffith Base Hospital, the local business community and Griffith City Council
  • The day's events culminated in attending the extraordinary community fundraising event to support the project. Gail Sergi and her amazing team of supporters organised a fabulous dinner filled with fine food and wine, lots of fun and laughter and a spectacular finish where a fireworks display lit up the sky
  • Discussions about shared service opportunities continued

March 2014

  • The concept plan was finalised to enable preparation of amendments to the Development Application
  • Collaborative discussions continued to establish shared services opportunities for both St Vincent's and Griffith Base Hospital
  • Gabby Wood flew the flag for St Vincent's when Griffith City Council held its annual City to Lake run - Griffith turned on the sunshine and the crowds in support for the St Vincent's Private Community Hospital Griffith project and Gabby completed her 10km run coming in 86th overall (of 1100) in 51:41 minutes. A fabulous community event.

February 2014

  • Discussions resumed with MLHD and GBH as well as the NSW Ministry of Health to consider shared services and collaboration opportunities for Griffith Base Hospital and St Vincent's Private Community Hospital. Identified opportunities include
    • Clinical,
    • Clinical support
    • Non-clinical support services
  • St Vincent's re-connected with the medical staff and the local business community at meetings held in Griffith on 25 February 2014
  • Several meetings were held to consider concept design considerations and to now include Sterilising Services spatial and functional requirements
  • St Vincent's Private Hospital Sydney (SVPHS) held its annual planning day and St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith (SVPCHG) was included on this agenda for presentation, information and discussion. The focus of the presentation was the relationship of SVPCHG and St Vincent's Private Hospital, Sydney. The hub (SVPHS) and spoke (SVPCHG) model proposed:
    • A formal network link with St Vincent's Darlinghurst
    • The promotion of safe, high quality care and better outcomes
    • The promotion of 'right care, right place, and right time' approach
    • Supporting referral of tertiary activities to St Vincent's Darlinghurst
    • Exposing the local community of Griffith to increased specialist services
    • Maximising health care efficiency and effectiveness
  • Key Critical Success Factors include:
    • A patient centred model of care
    • Building a strong and consistent approach
    • Understanding the Community needs
    • Building effective stakeholder relationships
    • A clear operational profile
    • Standardisation of operating policies, procedures and processes
    • Business development – Medical Specialists
    • Talent acquisition
    • Workforce capability and capacity – to respond to patient centred care needs and service goals
    • Working together

January 2014

  • St Vincent's met with the project team and architects to initiate detailed design activities for the new hospital
  • Operational planning activities recommenced in earnest

December 2013

  • St Vincent's Health Australia Board approved funding for the establishment of Sterilising Services on the St Vincent's Private Community Hospital site.

October-November 2013

  • Negotiations continued to establish 'In principle Agreement' about the provision of Sterilising Services in Griffith
  • Points of negotiation included pricing methodology and cost structure, and terms of Service Level Agreement.

September 2013

  • St Vincent's Health Australia (SVHA) streamlined their organisational structure so that all facilities were aligned with their respective national services lines (divisions)
  • The three national service lines are
    • Public Hospitals,
    • Private Hospitals
    • Aged Care Services.  
  • The chart below demonstrates SVHA health services the New South Wales (public, private and aged care)

SVHA NSW Facilities

  • In the new structure, the facilities included in the Private Hospitals Division are:

    • New South Wales
      • St Vincent's Private Hospital, Sydney
      • Mater Hospital, North Sydney
      • St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith (once commissioned)
    • Queensland
      • St Vincent's Private Hospital, Toowoomba
      • St Vincent's Private Hospital, Brisbane
      • Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital
    • Victoria
      • St Vincent's Private Hospital, Fitzroy
      • St Vincent's Private Hospital, East Melbourne
      • St Vincent's Private Hospital, Kew
  • The divisional support services for the Private Hospital division include:
    • Mission
    • Human resources
    • Clinical Governance/Quality and Safety
    • Finance

“These changes enable SVHA to advance its Mission through:

  • Leveraging specialty expertise in public health, private health and aged care to achieve excellence and growth
  • Using a shared services model to support service delivery ensuring more effective stewardship of resources
  • Improving operational effectiveness for patient centre care
  • Sharing expertise and knowledge within divisions and across the organisation
  • Aligning group services to better support the divisions and
  • Providing a national advocacy voice on key health and social policy issues

By strengthening SVHA as one national organisation, we will better position ourselves to become a leading provider of health and aged care services across Australia. As an organisation we share a rich heritage and a proud history of serving and improving the lives of those in need. To do this work requires a genuine commitment to person centred care. We are excited that this new change will strengthen our impact on the health outcomes of all Australians.” (Memo to All Staff: From Paul Robertson AM, Chair, St Vincent’s Health Australia and Dr Tracey Batten, Group Chief Executive Officer, St Vincent’s Health Australia. 2 September 2013 – Announcing Changes to St Vincent’s Health Australia’s organisation structure)

  • Ongoing meetings and discussions about Sterilising Services continued throughout September.

August 2013

  • SV&MHS continued discussions with the NSW Ministry of Health for funding to rebuild the Sterilising Services in Griffith.

July 2013

  • Representatives from St Vincents & Mater Health Sydney visited Wagga Wagga to meet with prospective VMO staff who will come to Griffith to consult and operate at St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith.
  • Meeting with representatives of Murrumbidgee Local Health District, Murrumbidgee Medicare Local and Calvary Healthcare to update them on our progress to date
  • Initial discussions with Griffith Base Hospital and Griffith TAFE workforce planning (nursing, medical allied health and support staff)
  • Ongoing Sterilising Service discussions and negotiations continued throughout July.

June 2013

  • Operational Planning for SVPCHG underway
  • Project Officer role for St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith - Ms Gabrielle Wood was the successful applicant. Gabrielle lives locally in the Griffith area, has extensive clinical experience as a Perioperative Nurse, management experience, has worked at St Vincent's Private Hospital for several years and more recently at Griffith Base Hospital. Gabrielle's current part time role as a Perioperative Nurse Educator across the MLHD gives her some broader public sector experiences also
  • Gabby can be contacted on email: and on mobile: 0439 414 822
  • Opportunities were explored to collaborate with Murrumbidgee Local Health District for the provision of Sterilising Service for both Griffith Base Hospital and St Vincent's Private Community Hospital
  • Meeting held with Mr Adrian Piccoli, Minister for Education and Member for Murrumbidgee and Ms Jillian Skinner, Minister for Health to update them on the project

May 2013

  • Project Officer role
    • We advertised locally in Griffith for a Project Officer role to assist with the Operational Planning, to work with key stakeholders in Griffith and to be a conduit role linking Griffith activities with St Vincents & Mater Health in Sydney (SV&MHS)
    • Applications close on 5 June 2013 and we will continue the recruitment process as soon as possible
  • Workforce Planning
    • The second Workforce Planning workshop was held and confirmed the outcomes of the service mapping exercise in March which identified services to be provided by SVPCHG and those to be sourced locally in Griffith or back at the St Vincent's Darlinghurst campus
    • Focus also turned to reviewing the staffing profile proposed back in 2009 to reconfirm that the staff mix and skill capability required will match the proposed activity profile
    • Participants are now formalising their feedback so that a formal recommendation (including any suggested changes) can be made to the Steering Committee. This project is being led by Kerrie Field, General Manager, Human Resources and Media Solutions, at SV&MHS
  • Initial planning has also begun to arrange meetings with prospective medical staff living and working in Wagga and who are keen to be given Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) rights at SVPCHG

April 2013

  • Ongoing Operational Planning continued throughout April
  • Owen Judge visited Griffith and local areas in April to discuss the project with various council groups. The lease agreement discussion continued and constructive feedback by key stakeholders has facilitated resolution on all outstanding matters
  • Bernadette Keenan visited Griffith April and met with key stakeholders including medical staff (VMO and local General Practitioners), Murrumbidgee Local Health District and Griffith Base Hospital (GBH) Executives, Griffith City Council and Pathology, Radiology and Pharmacy provider groups
  • Matters for discussion at the relevant meetings included:
    • Opportunities for medical staff at St Vincent's Private Community Hospital
    • Support Service opportunities including Food Services and Sterilising Services, as well as Security, Maintenance, Medical Gases, Car Parking, Waste Management, Project Control Group membership, the Linkway between GBH and SVPCHG
    • Discussions began with prospective services providers for Radiology, Pathology and Pharmacy Services
    • Communication strategy discussions were held with Griffith City Counci
  • An Options paper was prepared to explore how best to provide or secure Sterilising Services for SVPCHG and considered
    • The capacity of GBH or alternative providers to provide services to SVPCHG, or SVPCHG providing its own sterilising service
    • It was noted that the viability and success of SVPCHG was heavily reliant on having efficient and reliable sterilising services particularly in light of the high turnover of activity expected
  • Considerable work was undertaken by Xanthe Jones who is tasked with reviewing proposed equipment, instrument and furniture inventories for SVPCHG
  • The SVPCHG Operational Planning Steering Committee also reviewed a proposed Position Description for a Project Officer role to be located in Griffith.

March 2013

  • Website Development
    • The website is an opportunity to keep the local community of Griffith abreast of the progress of the construction project and the operational planning to date
    • Additionally, the website will also keep other key stakeholders such as St Vincents & Mater Health Sydney, the educational and clinical partners associated with the Murrumbidgee Clinical Teaching and Learning Centre (e.g. Murrumbidgee Medicare Local, Universities of Wollongong, Notre Dame, and UNSW, Griffith Base Hospital, TAFE) and key clinicians seeking medical appointments and employment at SVPCHG, up to date with forthcoming opportunities
  • Options analysis of Sterilising Services
    • SV&MHS is exploring options for the provision of sterilising services. This core business function and its efficient service delivery will be integral to the success of SVPCHG
  • Food Services
    • SV&MHS is currently reviewing the options for the provision of Food Services for SVPCHG
    • Consideration is being given to providing the service in-house or outsourcing locally
  • Workforce Planning
    • As part of the Hospital and Health Fund Application (HHF) in 2009, Workforce Planning was identified as a key strategy required to ensuring ongoing sustainability of SVPCHG
    • Providing a net increase in experienced and qualified health care professionals is a key SV&MHS commitment and will contribute positively to the local community
    • SV&MHS' involvement in the Murrumbidgee Clinical Teaching and Learning Centre collaboration will build capacity and capability and build lasting partner relationships with universities, health care services and other education providers
    • An initial workforce planning workshop reviewed the HHF application workforce proposal with a view to confirming the proposed framework in line with the recently proposed activity profile, the service mapping exercise to determine business functions to provided in-house or to be outsourced and identification of challenges and opportunities being faced with the workforce planning activities
    • A second workshop will confirm how the proposed partnerships and relationships would assist to deliver a sustainable workforce model and will further clarify the staffing model (roles, responsibilities and skills and capabilities required) and the student model (clinical placement and rotations)
    • Once the internal workforce framework is formalised, SV&MHS will invite the partner entities to collaborate with them to deliver the over-arching goal of a net increase in experienced and qualified health professionals for SVPCHG and the community of Griffith

February 2013

  • In early February 2013, a delegation from St Vincents & Mater Health Sydney (SV&MHS) visited Griffith to meet with local medical staff, prospective Visiting Medical Staff, Griffith Base Hospital Executive and staff, the Griffith City Council and the local business community to provide an update of progress about the plans for St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith (SVPCHG)
    • The visit was a great opportunity to introduce the team to the various Griffith stakeholder groups
    • A formal presentation was made by Robert Cusack, CEO, St Vincent's Private and Mater Hospitals, and General Manager, St Vincents & Mater Health Sydney (SV&MHS).
    • Robert gave some background about St Vincent's, introduced the team, discussed the proposed clinical profile for the new hospital, outlined key objectives and challenges of the project, identified opportunities for local medical staff and prospective specialist staff and outlined key milestones
  • A review of the facility plan was initiated to ensure that previous concept plans reflected the functional requirements to maximise scope of services relating to inpatient and ambulatory services, patient flow and work flow, future-proofing and importantly to ensure that plans responsive to the proposed clinical profile
  • SV&MHS hosted information forums on the Darlinghurst campus for its medical staff. The forums outlined the project and key milestones and outlined opportunities for prospective Vising Medical Staff at St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith

January 2013

  • Key milestones were identified to deliver St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital, Griffith (SVPCHG) in 4th Quarter of 2014.
Milestone Activity Target Completion Date
SV&MHS delegation to Griffith to launch the Project February 2013
Consultation/facility planning process May 2013
Final hospital design June 2013
Sod turning and commencement of construction September 2013
Construction completed September 2014
Hospital Commissioning process November 2014
Day 1 Operational November 2014
Official Opening and Missioning of key staff November 2014


December 2012

  • Project and Funding Agreements finalisation are progressing well. Once finalised the Construction program will commence
  • The name of the new private hospital was endorsed by Griffith City Council and the National Board of St Vincent’s Health Australia: St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital, Griffith (SVPCHG)
  • Operational Planning commenced in late 2012 and initial focus is on:
    • Developing the Activity Profile to meet the needs of the local community of Griffith
    • The review of Workforce Planning Strategy
    • Development of the Communication Plan
    • Development of the Website to facilitate a mechanism to keep all stakeholders informed of activities relating to the establishment of St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith
  • Plans were initiated to visit and meet with key stakeholders in Griffith – planned for February 2013
  • Key personnel involved in the project:
    • Mr Robert Cusack, CEO, St Vincent's Private and The Mater Hospitals, and NSW Group Manager, SV&MHS
    • Mr John Pitsonis, Executive Director, The Mater Hospital, North Sydney
    • Mr Owen Judge, Manager, Capital Works and Asset Management Unit, SV&MHS
    • Ms Bernadette Keenan, (BKHP) - Operational Planner, St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith, for SV&MHS. Contact details: and 0417 229 342
    • Ms Xanthe Jones, Manager, Special Projects, St Vincent's Private Hospital, Darlinghurst.
    • David Faktor, Public Affairs Manager, St Vincents & Mater Health Sydney Contact details: and 02 8382 2866
  • For general enquiries about St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith contact us.
  • For media enquiries about St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith: