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Adrian Piccoli MP

Adrian Piccoli MP Member for Murrumbigee, Deputy NSW Nationals Leader, Minister for Education and local resident

It is with pleasure that I provide this letter of support for the St Vincent's Private Community Hospital Griffith (SVPCHG) project.

This project is a great opportunity to expand health services for both public and private patients across the Griffith area. With the Private Community Hospital being located adjacent to the Griffith Base Hospital, this integrated approach will be an opportunity for the two facilities to work together to deliver better health outcomes.

The opportunity to attract other resident medical specialists is also important as it will allow more people to stay at home, close to their family. These people would otherwise have to leave town, incurring extra expense and increasing the anxiety of patients and families alike.

This is an exciting project for the people of this area, and it has my full support.

(See Minister Piccoli's letter of support.)

Roy Gamble

Joy Gamble

My late husband, Ray Gamble, would be thrilled to know that the Private Hospital in Griffith is finally going to be a reality. Ray had a long association with the Griffith community and his commitment to ensuring that access to improved health care services was a key priority for him. The family are so pleased to know Ray's hard work has paid off and that St Vincent's is finally coming to town.

Anthea Groves

Anthea Groves rsc

The Sisters of Charity came to Australia to care for all people. Our mission in Griffith is an extension of this original Charter. We are delighted, that in 2014, we are welcoming the people of Griffith to journey with us in caring with compassion, justice, integrity and excellence.

Dr Howard Roby

Dr Howard Roby Specialist Anaesthetist and former Griffith resident

There is a great sense of community spirit in Griffith and I feel that the township will wholeheartedly support the establishment of St Vincent's Private Community Hospital as it means that the people of Griffith will no longer have to travel to Wagga and Albury leaving their families for periods of time in order to have  healthcare of high quality that can be  provided more locally.

Dr Anthony Chambers

Dr Anthony Chambers Locum General Surgeon

I have been fortunate to work as a Locum General Surgeon at Griffith Base Hospital on multiple occasions since 2010. I have enjoyed spending the time away from my practice at St Vincent's Hospital Sydney as working in a rural setting is challenging and very rewarding. I have thoroughly enjoyed living and working in the Griffith Community and the surrounding region. The people are friendly and welcoming, the community is amazingly diverse, and no one can deny that it has some of the best food and wine found in any city in the country. These are only some of the reasons why I have kept coming back to Griffith on many occasions over the past three years. As a St Vincent's Hospital Surgeon, I am really excited about continuing to work in the Griffith Community at the new St Vincent's Community Private Hospital. I look forward to working in the new hospital to provide excellence in health care to the people of Griffith and the surrounding region.

Jock Donaldson

Jock Donaldson Local resident, Businessman, Board member - Murrumbidgee Medicare Local

I was born and have lived in Griffith for 70 years and believe that the new St Vincent's Private Community Hospital, Griffith, will offer the best possible choices for the best possible medical care. Working in tandem with the Griffith Base Hospital and staff St Vincent's Private Community Hospital will give Griffith more Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists, and Nurses as well as less travel and stress for the Community, especially the elderly.

Sharon Careri

Sharon Careri Mum, teacher and local resident

We are looking forward to having access to a larger range of specialist services through the private hospital in Griffith, which for us means, less time travelling long distances and expensive accommodation costs. St. Vincent's will not only benefit families like ours, but also the community, by bringing an increased number of health professionals to our city.

Albert Ravanello

Albert Ravanello Optometrist

As a family man, an optometrist and a local community member, I am thrilled that Griffith will finally have improved access to health care services. For years my family, and my friends have had to travel in order to access specialist health cares services that should be available in Griffith. St Vincent's Private Community Hospital and the enhanced health services it will bring, will help build a stronger community and foster growth and development in Griffith and the surrounding area.

Noel Hicks

Noel Hicks Griffith resident and former Member for Riverina

The establishment of a private hospital will greatly add to and intergrate with the health services already provided in Griffith. Specialist consultation services will be made available that will play an important role not only in the overall health of the community but also in attracting people and services to the city and the region. This will assist in our continuing growth and prosperity.